Post-Cancer Gratitude Gift Suggestion
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[Asking for my dear sister] I am a third-year female medical student and have recently kicked Lymphoma's ass. Needless to say, this was quite a challenging journey to take while still remaining in school and I would have been extremely hard-pressed to stay in the game without the help of a couple of core friends who were constantly there for me.

I am trying to think of some gift which would successfully convey my gratitude but am limited by a couple of factors. Both of the friends are guys in their mid-20's and don't think I should be getting them a present. I am looking to spend somewhere between $50-$75 dollars each but am really not looking for something too ostentatious or flashy; it's just not their style.

Limitations: gifts cannot be food and would preferably be something that would last. Movie tickets, massages and other transient presents will come and go; I want this to stay with them for a while, just like they stuck by me.
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It's hard to say with out knowing too much about their interests, but you could always get them something nice like a Swiss Army Knife (or similar multi-tool).
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Sounds like you should get them a memory of something cool they did. Like 1 helicopter flight lesson. One day kayaking. One day of fencing lessons (and lots of giggles - trust me, it's really fun if you go together all equally akward). Since I don't know your friends, nor where you are I'm just throwing ideas out - geography might have great spots for daytrips for you, or crazy places for fun stuff to do. In vegas you can skydive indoors!
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A friend of mine once broke his back and got the friends who were there to take care of him personalized guitar straps. They were all appreciative and all the straps are still in use now.
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These personalized journals are beautiful and even smell great.
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I also thought right away of a Swiss Army Knife. I have one that was given to me as a gift over 20 years ago, it is with me every day.

If you go that route, Make sure it is a Victorinox
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Swiss Army Knife is a great idea. I also really like the idea of a memory gift - just take them out for a kick ass day doing something they would really enjoy, especially if they might not otherwise get to do whatever it is. That also avoids the "you didn't have to get me anything!" a little bit better.
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I'm nthing the idea of a memory gift, especially if you do it with them. After my dad's chemo, we have been making a point to go out and do active things he couldn't have managed before.
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I really like the memory gift. But, if you'd like to buy something - do the friends like to cook?You could get some reasonable chef's knives in the $50-75 range, and if you take care of those, they last forever. Then the friends could be made to cook for you. :) Cast iron is also good "lasts forever" cookware.
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Are these guys in med school, too? You might consider getting them a good "doctor" gadget. Personalized stethoscope? (No idea of the cost there.) Or is there a specialized calculator thingy that converts kg to lbs and comes up with drug dosages and things like that?
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Ballpoint pen. Until a couple of weeks ago I would have said this was an old-fashioned and stupid idea, but my attending uses one, and even though I can't read his handwriting, I know he's seen the patient when I see the liquid-y blue ink instead of everyone else's Bic. Since it's so out of style it can kind of be a unique quirky signature.
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I would look at things like best man/groomsmen gifts. I still have the engraved wallet, the pocket knife (see above) and the engraved beer mug. Every time I poor myself a cold one I think of my buddy Steve who gave me this set of four steins with my initials on them. I also like the idea of something like a custom guitar strap. If you know what their hobbies are or what they do in their spare time, it could lead you to something like the strap. If you are all in Med school, how about a really cool stethoscope or something medical related. An engraved bedpan as sort of a gag gift that they would have forever?
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Inscribed Leatherman tool. Awesome and forever useful.
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