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Assume you're taking the PMP certification exam in 24 hours. Assume you haven't spent nearly enough time prepping for it. What would you focus on between now and then? Any great online resources to check out?
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Best answer: I took the PMP exam last year, before it switched to the newer edition of the PMBOK guide, so some of this won't be helpful. But, what the heck. I'd go through some of these flash-cards, and make sure you've memorized all the formulas.

My study partner (who I didn't think was fully prepared) failed his first attempt, but passed on his second try after some intense studying. We had both studied for about 6 months before taking the test, so 24 hours might be a bit tight.

If you have time to get a book, I'd recommend Andy Crowe's book, and if you have time to go through sample questions, try Rita Mulcahy's PM FASTrack Simulator. Hers were the only sample exam questions that seemed to reflect the actual test very well.

But, 24 hours isn't a lot of time. At the minimum read as much of the PMBOK guide as you can, memorize the process grid from the PMBOK, and the formulas.
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Best answer: Pipco's got it - all the evm formulas, memorize process grids, and learn vocabulary.
Also, realize that the test is in PMI-speak; that is, it relies heavily on PMI jargon, and always assumes that the project has been perfectly managed up to the point of the question.
Some questions will have more that one 'right' answer. The correct answer is the most 'right' one. Read each question. Very. Very. Carefully. And slowly. If you normally read fast (like me), FORCE yourself to slow down.
You will have the ability to flag questions you are uncertain of, and come back to them later (called something like 'flag and review').
What worked for me was to take one complete pass through the test, answering everything I was certain of, flagging those items I wasn't so sure about. The flags were nearly a third of the questions on the first pass. It took me three more passes to get through it all, but I completed it in plenty of time. You are marked down for any questions you do not answer at all, so I liked knowing how what was on the whole test - it gave me a chance to focus on the hardest to answer areas, and boosted my confidence being able to answer the ones I was sure about.
Hope this helps.
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Response by poster: OK, follow up:

I passed! I spent about 19 hours cramming between 5pm on Thursday and 5pm on Friday, when I took the test. I read the PMBOK cover to cover, and spent extra time looking at the process graphics. The area where I had the most trouble was the equations - I just didn't take the time to memorize them all in depth, and it tripped me up on the exam.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation, it's totally doable! Thanks to everyone who posted advice and suggestions, and those who emailed me to help.
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Congratulations! Now keep up your credentials so you never have to take it again!
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