How to care for my small umbilical hernia?
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My doctor recently told me I have a "tiny umbilical hernia" that isn't worth a surgical repair. What can I do to avoid making it worse? (Abdominal strengthening exercises?) If I lift boxes during my upcoming apartment move next month, am I asking for trouble? Do hernias always get worse over time? Help me stop having mental images of sudden disembowelment.
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I had one; it's been repaired. It can get worse with time, but won't necessarily. You will not be suddenly disemboweled. Mine went from nothing to "time to patch that up" over something more than a decade which included playing collegiate rugby, a lot of rock climbing, numerous moves and other physical activity. The repair is reasonably trivial, though it does involve general anesthesia, and the recovery isn't too bad. It's not something I'd change my life too much over.
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Perhaps you could ask the doctor if wearing a hernia belt would be helpful if you're going to be lifting boxes? A friend wore one while working at a restaurant while waiting for surgery.
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