I said I Need something to do in Philadelphia...in the dead of night.
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I need something to do in Philadelphia...in the dead of night.

I live in Wilmington, Delaware, which is a short train ride to Philadelphia. Tomorrow (Friday April 30th) I'm going up for an event that starts at 9, and probaby ends around 11.
The last train back to Delaware is at 11:30, and then the next one is at 4:40 AM.
I want to be able to socialize after the event if possible, rather than rushing back to the train station, so I'm planning on taking the 4:40 back. But these are not close friends I will be socializing with, and it's also possible (probable?) that any post-event socializing or hanging out won't run deep into the night.

So I'd like a backup plan for somewhere to go or something to do that beats sitting in a train station for 4 hours. I'm not too picky and I don't mind doing things alone…wouldn't mind shooting pool, bowling, hanging in a 24-hour coffee shop reading where they don't mind you doing that for hours, whatever. Beggars can't be choosers.

So Brotherly Lovers….any suggestions? Any good info I can put to future use, so please don't feel like you have to answer by the date I put above.
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Where in the city are you planning to be?
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Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge.
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I would suggest North Bowl until 2am, then to Darlings Diner which is right down the street (open til 6am) and is right on the Piazza.
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The Midtown chain and the South Street Diner are all open 24/7, I believe. Mmmn, diner. The Pearl at Avenue North has midnight movies on the weekend (mmmn, popcorn): http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/movies/theaters/TheaterID_10379_19121.html.
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Bring a bike and go on the pretzel ride?
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Response by poster: Fishtown, but I have take a cab/subway to other places a reasonable distance away.
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Keep in mind that the subway doesn't run after 12:30 or so. (That makes The Straightener's idea the most geographically reasonable.)
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Response by poster: Meant to write, "am willing" to take cab/subway/bus, I know there some "night owl" ones...thanks, madcaptenor.
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if you play poker, PM me.
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Yeah, if you're already up in Fishtown, Straightener's got your best plan. I love Johnny Brenda's, too -- bar downstairs, concert venue upstairs, great food, then you could head to the diner afterward.
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Pats and Genos are open all night. That's usually our go to spot after the bars get out at 2. By the time you run down there, wait in line, grab a steak, eat it and get back to the station you should be good.
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Oh, and worth noting that you can totally walk from Fishtown to the Piazza. I can't say that I recommend taking cabs all over town just to go someplace just because it's open.

(I live right near Pat's & Geno's. I love my neighborhood fiercely, but I wouldn't tell someone to schelp all the way down here from Fishtown just to eat a mediocre cheesesteak and listen to tourists and local teenagers bellowing drunkenly.)
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Meant to write, "am willing" to take cab/subway/bus, I know there some "night owl" ones.

Both the Broad Street & Market/Frankford lines have Night Owl buses that run along the same set of stops as the lines do, they run every 20 minutes or so.
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