Website selling state and city-themed shirts
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Help me find an online store selling tons of cool, design-y local-interest T-shirts

This may have been linked on AskMe but damned if I can find it. They had a very large number of local- and regional-interest t-shirts with frequently very "designy" designs. For example, there were a ton about Cleveland, and many about Akron as well. That level of specificity. It wasn't threadless, bustedtees or anything that jokey; these tended toward the local pride angle. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Campfire Goods? We saw them at the No Coast Craftarama the past few years here in the Twin Cities.
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Response by poster: Yes! Partially eponysterical and 100% correct, advicepig. Thanks so much.
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Don't forget Raygun (formerly Smash!). Great t-shirts and a really friendly staff.
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2nding the gang at Raygun per yellowcandy - both for their cool designs and for being awesomely friendly!

Another one to try, coincidentally also based here in Des Moines, is LocallyGrownClothing - you can search by state for your "designy" designs.
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Dirty Coast sells a lot of great New Orleans-themed shirts, most of which play off of local humor and nuances.
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