Chickpeas make jello?
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Food Science! Last night I saved the stock from cooking chickpeas. Today I thought to add some of the stock to hummus and found it had turned into almost a gelatin. Is this normal? What made it do that? Did the small bit of baking soda I used make a difference? Can we still use it?
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Many protein rich stocks gelatinize when refrigerated. It''s fine.
posted by leafwoman at 8:52 AM on April 29, 2010

It's from the pectin in the garbanzos.
posted by Max Power at 9:03 AM on April 29, 2010

I've actually used that stock as a gluten free thickener, so I'm here to say that it was just the beans not something you added.
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Normal. Dunno about pectin vs protein, but either will make a concentrated stock gel when chilled. This will happen with or without baking soda. Go ahead and use it!
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I've seen that happen, and I've heard that it makes good soup stock.
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Thank you all! Some nice lentil soup was the plan for tomorrow, so it sounds like I've made myself a nice starting stock. I knew the AskMe chefs would come through for me.
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I know that the water left over from boiling chickpeas is very high in whatever sugars beans have that make you fart. So be warned.
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Well, if you _soaked_ the beans in that water, I'd probably throw it out, for the reason joshers13 mentions.. But if this is post-soak cooking water, I'd try it.
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