50 Movies Every Geek Should See
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I enjoyed the list 50 Books Every Geek Should Read. If you were to compile a similar list, but for video content, what would be on that list?
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Geek 101: Wargames.
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Mathematical Imagery - Dimensions (legal torrent, or watch online)
Trusted Computing by LAFKON
Symphony of Science series
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An oldie but still a favorite - James Burke: Connections
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Along with Connections, The Day the Universe Changed is awesome. Last time I checked all three Connections and TDTUC were all up on youtube. But it's been awhile since I looked.
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Feynman. I can't find it, but there was some biographical video on him that I watched a while back. Really cool stuff.
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If we're literally talking, say, the cultural literacy of geekdom, I'd say you're talking about some pretty obvious must-see movies, which you've probably already seen:

Star Wars
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
War Games (previously mentioned)
The Fifth Element
Dark City

That list will get you most of the way home.
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Personally I think everyone should watch Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control.
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Pi (1998)
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No Maps for These Territories: A long-form interview with William Gibson is a favorite of mine.
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Good stuff so far, I'm gonna include:

Repo Man
RAW: Maybe Logic
Comic Book Confidential
Meeting People Is Easy
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Oh, meant to include The Matrix in my list above. Again, insanely obvious, but I think that rounds out the film equivalent of your Snow Crash, Neuromancer, I Robot books.
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Real Genius
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Jurassic Park

My biases are evident in the last three-- you can't talk intelligently about the evolution of practical and digital effects work without some knowledge of Tron and Jurassic Park, and Them! is the precursor bug-hunt film from which all others came.
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For a perspective on a rather different way of life: Grass, which documents the spring migration of 50,000 Bakhtiari and a half million or so animals, circa 1925.
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Don't forget the live lectures of Larry Lessig, especially the ones on technology and copyright - start here.
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Wow... At a glance I don't see anything from before about 1975 except Them! Let me fix that...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Forbidden Planet

Newer movies:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Event 16
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monty python and the holy grail
children of men
starship troopers
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