Vintage Clothing in CT - Where to go?
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Fashion question: Can anyone recommend vintage clothing stores in CT? I have to find a dress for a Casablanca-themed soiree this Saturday (5/1).

I live in Fairfield County, CT, on the border of NY, so I could go into Westchester County, NY as well. I know that most of the best options are in NYC, but that won't work for me logistically right now. The party is Moroccon-themed, with a heavy emphasis on "Casablanca". I really don't want to dress up in a "costume", like a bellydancer or anything like that. So I thought if I could find a nice dress from that era, that would suit.

I am not very familiar with women's fashions from that era. For example, I love pencil skirts and sheath dresses (a la Hepburn in "Tiffany's"), but I know that is the wrong period. I could probably put something together from stuff in my closet, but don't know where to go to find out what kind of pieces were true to that time.

Any help/recommendations are VERY appreciated! Thanks.
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I hear people rave about Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop, but I don't have personal experience. It was written up in the NY times. Supposedly has amazing vintage stuff, but (as, I suppose, would be expected from its location) sometimes overpriced.
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Best answer: There are probably better (fancier, more vintage than thrift) places. But in the past I've had good luck with period costume stuff at the Goodwill stores in Westport and Norwalk.
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Best answer: Fashionista Vintage is amazing, and the people who work there really seem to love to help. I'm not sure if you consider New Haven too far away, however.
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Response by poster: These are very helpful. I am definitely going to check out the Greenwich/Westport/Norwalk places, as they are less than 30 minutes from me. New Haven had some great places, according to my web research. If I don't find what I need close by, I'm definitely taking a ride to NH (about an hour away) tomorrow.

Many thanks, all!
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If you can get to Chester, CT, there's a small shop called The Willow Tree that I really like. I haven't been there for a year, but I still have the card-- 4 Water St in Chester, 860-526-1297, open 12-5 Tues - Sat. It used to be a shop about 4 times its present size, but now it's a pretty intimate closet with lots of great vintage accessories, and cool retro hats of the 50s and 60s and great girly gloves. Which, if you're really in a pinch, could be paired with a simple, classic dress from any department store (or your own closet), and transform it into a vintage style. A bit pricey but you could give it a shot or call there first and talk to the woman who owns it-- she's nice and could tell you a bit about what's in stock.

If New Haven's not too far, I've alwaaays wanted to check this place out: Fashionista, and while their site says they're still moving into their new location, " Wednesday through Saturday, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm; Sunday, noon - 5:00 pm. Additional hours by appointment -- just call or email if you have a fashion emergency. " Ha!

Would renting an outfit be an option? Another place I've never tried but have meant to: Lorry Polizzi Vintage Clothing & Accessories, (203) 481-3730, 2400 Foxon Rd in North Branford, CT. About six miles outside of New Haven.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: PP: I checked out the Fashionista site and it's great! I emailed them to see if they have anything I could use, before I head out for the drive. If I can't get there for this need, I am absolutely going to check them out another time. Their stuff looks like so much fun.

Thanks for the info!
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Response by poster: BTW, the Westport, CT Goodwill is chock full of designer clothes (probably not surprising). I picked up a just-in-case dress, a pair of 40s style shoes (in my size!) and a little handbag. Total cost: $41.00.

But the best deal of the day? A pair of straight leg Cache black leather jeans for the unbelievable price of...$5.99! At the Norwalk Goodwill Store.

I'm off to Fashionista tomorrow to see what they have.

Thanks again, everyone!
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