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What is a simple way to stream / webcast and capture / record several hours of video at the same time?

My friend wants to watch the output of webcam live, as well as to record about 3.5 hours per day of video from the same video. Ideally with audio.
  1. She want to be able, at work, be able to see her apartment via her laptop's webcam. I assume she can do this via Stickam/ustream or a similar service?
  2. She wants the recording to be saved, so that she can watch it later if necessary. This will be up to 3.5 hours at a time and I assume will be the harder part of the problem, in terms of getting a balance between file size, processor load and image quality.
Software? Web services? General advice and principals?

This is not covert recording. Her PC is a low-end ThinkPad running Vista from last year.
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If you download the free Ustream Producer application, you can record. It will save it on the site, and it will also ask you if you want to save it to your computer.

However, I bookmarked this question because my experience with Ustream is that it drops out a lot, so I'm interested to see if anyone has any other suggestions.
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