Identify this piece of night-time music for me.
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Is the intro/outro music from Samorost sampled from something I should know?

I really love that song at the beginning of the video I linked. It sounds like it's sampled from something, however. I remember the song also being used in a Black Books episode: "The Big Lockout." There it was used as background music while Bernard was wandering the streets at night. It feels really familiar to me in that context.

In what other movies/TV shows has the song appeared?

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What song is this theme sampled from?
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I though that all the Samorost music was made by Floex (real name Tomáš Dvořák). I'll have to track down the scene from Black Books and compare. All the music, incidentally, can be downloaded from here). Floex sells his other soundtracks.
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Kattallus: I thought so, too. But apparently the first Samorost soundtrack was written by another guy who is also named Tomáš Dvořák. From this interview with Floex:

* * * * *

How did you meet the game creators at Amanita Design?

Floex: I was in an art residence and a friend of mine brought me this game, the first Samorost, saying, “I didn’t know you were involved in this project. It’s really cool!” And I said, “It’s some kind of misunderstanding. I have nothing to do with this.” But there was my name on it.

The thing was, there was a second Tomas Dvorak. There’s a guy with the same name as me, and he was making the sound for Amanita at the time when Jakub was making the first Samorost in school. From that time onward, I got to know Amanita very well, especially because this story was repeated several more times with different people. In a few months, Jakub Dvorsky wrote me with an offer to join their team. It wasn't hard to convince me.

Is it a strange situation, the fact that there are now two Tomas Dvoraks at Amanita?

Floex: It makes for a lot of confusion, but it’s also kind of funny. Samorost 2 was a very small team—just four people. But there were two Tomas Dvoraks, and we are both in the same category of sound.

* * * * *

So it looks like the first Tomáš would know...
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So I found the scenes from the episode and it's definitely the same track. I can't find soundtrack listings either for Samorost or Black Books. My total shot in the dark is that this is Thelonious Monk or Mingus.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion, Ljubljana.
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I sent this Dvořák fellow an email yesterday. So far he hasn't deigned to answer, but I'm hopeful that he'll tell me all I need to know. I'll update this when he answersþ
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