Like if Booker T. and Jenny Ondioline gave birth to the Woolly Bully
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FarfisaFilter: I love songs with prominent Farfisa/Vox Continental/Musitron organ parts, the crazier the better. 96 Tears, Rock Lobster, Runaway, and recently, MGMT's Song for Dan Treacy. What are some other (more recent) rock tracks with great combo organ parts?

(The more obscure or recent the better. Assume that I know about The Doors, Iron Butterfly, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, all the big top-ten 60s songs -- I'm looking more for something that might feature Pat Irwin rather than Ray Manzarek.)
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I don't know where they fall on the recent/obscure axis for you (I loved them in college about 20 -- gulp! -- years ago), but the first band that came to mind for me was the Inspiral Carpets, who used a lot of Farfisa. The Charlatans have always been pretty organ-heavy, too, though I think they leaned more on the Hammond side of the equation.
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Stereolab! Their first few albums and EPs were full of weird old organs. (There's even a track on Refried Ectoplasm called Farfisa, for heaven's sake.) I'd start with the original Switched On compilation, or maybe Transient Random Noise Bursts (With Announcements), and go from there.
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Something in this thread may interest you.

also, Suicide / Half Alive is a delight.
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The Monks used one, but very, very distorted.
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Response by poster: There was a combo organ thread just a month ago!? I didn't search for it because I couldn't imagine people were asking about this. Good thing my question's a little different, that I'm looking for more recent material.

Stereolab's a great answer, but alas, I already love them. More like that, please.

Specific track mentions encouraged.
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Electrelane scratches this itch for me sometimes, but they're a little more like Can and Jenny Ondioline givng birth to, like, Loveless, you know?
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New Colony Six - Breakthrough
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Squeeze: Farfisa Beat.
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You, sir, need to acquaint yourself with Jonathan Fire*Eater
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(They used a Farfisa Fast Five, by the way)
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Elvis Costello Radio, Radio, Pump it up, and lots of his stuff from that era (around 1978).
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Some of the members of Jonathan Fire*Eater went on to form The Walkmen who aren't exactly obscure, but make some decent Farfisa-containing indie rock.

Clinic's "Walking With Thee"? Kill organ riff.
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Oops. I didn't see the "the obscurer the better" qualification. Elvis doesn't fit within that category.

I think afro-pop is a great direction to go in: "So I Si Sa" by the Super Boiro Band, Super Biton Band, Mulatu Astatke, Fela.
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it's a Hammond, but the organ bit in Destroyer's "Leopard of Honor" is huuuge.

60s west african highlife guys loved the ol Farfisa, check Alhaji K. Frimpong.

Spiritualized! the organ on Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space is so far out.

King Khan & the Shrines lay on the Mysterians organ toots thick and it's glorious. maybe not real Farfisa, but coulda fooled me.
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The Lyres
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Electrelane's I Love You My Farfisa.

I think all of their albums feature the organ, too.
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Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited.... surf guitars, a Farfisa organ, Moogs... and all goodness.
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The Fleshtones! They slathered on layers of Farfisa organ like an albino nudist applies sunscreen.
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Caesars - Jerk It Out.
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It's not a Farfisa, but Quasi comes to mind. Sam Coomes plays a vintage organ called a Rocksichord which their entire sound is built on.
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Late to the thread, but if you're still reading...stop reading and go listen to Mr. Quintron.
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