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How can I get a PDF to do this on my webpage?

Recently featured in this thread, I'm feeling like a doofus because the wee high schoolers have a better online interface than me. What coding / program / ANYTHING do I need to make this a reality?
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Flash, Flash, and more Flash. You can tell by right-clicking on the part of the page you're talking about.
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Also, looks like that particular flash viewer is powered by issuu.
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I did some research on non-software as service solutions for this and these seemed to be the best IMHO: Otherwise you can use hosted products like Issuu or Scribd.

There's also these guys that I haven't really looked into much:
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I've used FlippingBook HTML Edition for a client's site. It's customizable to a point, and it's perfect if you need to save your files in your own server. The support is pretty good, too.

Issuu has a better interface and it's very easy to set up, but your PDF will be displayed in their site, where anybody can access it or embed it in their site.
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