Twenty years before The Matrix
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I'm looking for a movie: Scifi, set in space/on a spaceship, probably late 70s release, that has as a plot element humans hiding from a nefarious computer or machine that would stick a needle in the back of the person's head (possibly into a port) when person was caught.
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Best answer: Saturn 3?
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Response by poster: YES! Thank you fearfulsymmetry!

I love AskMe so much. I did this for a friend here at work who was trying to figure this out. I told him over lunch, not an hour ago, that I would be able to get him the answer before the end of the day (I kinda knew it'd be faster, but I wanted to be safe).

Rockin'. I totally want to see this movie now, too.
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You can stream it on Netflix! I had seen it when I was a kid and had long wondered how it would hold up. Not well, if you ask me, but I had no idea Harvey Keitel was in it, so that was a pleasant surprise.
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Harvey Keitel and Kirk Douglas! A favorite!

That robot looked so bad ass, too.
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You can stream it on Netflix!

COOL! That's awesome news. Thank you!!
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Glad that was the one... I've not seen it in years so I wasn't entirely sure. Remember it as a bit slow and camp but then, as I say, it's been a while.
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Sigh. We use the phrases "Wheel and peditate!" and "NO TACTION CONTACT!" around Chez Xenoscotti (Biscophobe?) pretty frequently.

Much like Zardoz, there's a decent movie lurking underneath the camp.
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It appears to be currently unavailable on Netflix for either streaming or DVD. Too bad. :-(
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