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Maple syrup: how can I take a regular ol' bottle of Aunt Jemima (fake) maple syrup and improve it?

I don't mind using it in oatmeal and baked goods, but I primarily want to use it as syrup i.e. on pancakes. I want to thin it out (how?) And give it a better flavour (I normally buy pure maple syrup). Any suggestions?
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Mix about a half tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of coconut oil for a low sugar (and thinner) topping for pancakes.
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Warming it up seems to help a bit with flavor and it thins out a bit when it's warm.
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Whoa there, RJ Reynolds.

OP, trying warming some fruit and adding that to your syrup. In any case, warmed syrup is much better than when it's cold or room temperature.
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I believe you can get little bottles of maple flavoring in the same section of the store as the vanilla extract.

To thin it, just add a little water.
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Warm it up and add a little vanilla flavoring. Or maybe just keep it and use it for baking or whatever, like you would corn syrup, and get some real maple. If you're eating the stuff because you're broke, I'd actually suggest making your own stovetop syrup w/ sugar and water and some maple flavor [or other flavors you like] which will be better than Aunt Jemima and you can make it to the consistency you prefer.
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Make your pancakes less sweet--maybe even increase the salt in the recipe slightly, and warm the syrup before you use it.
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Aunt Jemima is about $3.50 around here, and most extracts (vanilla/maple) are about $5-7.

So if your concern is using up something instead of trowing it out, it might not be economical to buy extract to "make the most" of the Jemima. If you've already got some then add it and some water and heat, as others have said.

Making your own syrup is affordable and fun and allows you to make things just the way you want them. and with no HFCS.
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In Quebec that stuff is called sirop de poteau (telephone pole syrup). It's just sugar water, basically.

I like Michael Pollan approach here: spend more on less. 500 ml of real syrup will actually go further than a litre of poteau.
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I agree with the "throw it out" crowd (The real stuff isn't so expensive! You can use a small amount!) but my dad actually prefers the fake stuff, warmed in the microwave with a little bit of butter. And by "butter" I mean "margarine."

I love my dad, but I think he lost his sense of taste in the war.
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[A couple comments removed, please give the asker a break and try to actually answer the question they're asking.]
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Add melted butter. Lots of it. Sooooooooooooo good.

(I've had plenty of high end, small batch, boutique, hand bottled swanky real maple syrup and found I actually much prefer the nasty cheap fake stuff.)
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1. add vanilla essence to give the flavor some depth.
2. I sometimes mix white porto in with maple syrup for french toast - man, that is some delicious.
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Thanks, cortex. I was starting to feel a little ranty but you've nipped it in the bud. To be clear: I know that real maple syrup tastes better and is better for me. I'm not asking people what I should do with the bottle of Aunt Jemima. It came into my possession and I am going to use it. I just want to know what I can do to improve it.
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Try thinning it with agave nectar.
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While I buy maple syrup now because I'm just not fond of corn syrup being used in place of everything, I grew up using Log Cabin syrup on pancakes and waffles, and my mom still uses it at home. Honestly, it doesn't taste bad. I think it tastes pretty good. Make sure you put butter on the pancakes/waffles.
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Use it as a sweetener in baked goods like banana bread, muffins, etc.
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