Change order of iTunes Playlists
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In iTunes, how do I arrange the order in which my playlists are arranged? The default is alphabetical, how do I arrange them in my own chosen order.

For example, I would like my playlists to be listed in the order they were created, starting with the most recent. So when I want to drag a song to a new playlist I'm working on, I can easily find it at the top of the list. As opposed to cleverly naming the playlist so that it is at the top.

NOTE: this question is not in regard to the song order inside playlists.
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You could number your playlists starting with 0001. I think you can probably get it to display your playlists and folders in reverse alphanumerical order. Or you could preface all your lists with the date you created them, for instance, 2010-04-28. With that numbering convention they'll stay in chronological order at least.
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Wabbitt has it wight. I do a combination of both of those.

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I also do a combination of those; I have playlists beginning with 00 that I want to stay at the top of each list, and 01, 02 etc. below that. In my 'monthly' folder there's YYMM hierarchy.

It's a hack but it works well enough.
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Thanks for the replies. I usually do a version of this, was just curious if I was missing an obvious option to list the playlists in different ways.
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I just noticed in the above screenshot there are folders in the playlist window. Can someone advise how to do this?
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File | New Playlist Folder
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