Advice for finding a sublet in SF for June?
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Advice for finding a sublet in SF for June?

I’m going to be spending the month of June in San Francisco. I’m hoping to find an apartment to sublet. I’m based in Toronto, so I expect I’ll have to do my looking from here, and won’t get to see the place till I go to SF. (I may have friends/colleagues in SF who can check out the place for me)

I have a couple of q’s about this:

a) Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid scams/disappointments when subletting on Craigslist? Do people generally find it reliable? The prospect of renting from a stranger I never meet makes me shade nervous (and I wonder, conversely, why a reasonable person wouldn’t be nervous to rent *their* place to a stranger).

b) Any other general tips/ideas for finding a place? Are there good resources other than craigslist I should know about?

I’m hoping to get a private apartment, not a room in someone else’s place. I’ll be mostly in SF working in the Mission, so Ideally I’d like to stay there, or someplace close to BART not to far away, though I guess I can be flexible. I’m hoping to pay $1500-$2000 (though less would certainly not be bad…) I'm not sure if that's realistic.

(You’d think these questions would have been asked/answered a million times here before, but I didn’t really find anything useful and recent. Apologies if I overlooked something obvious…)

Any tips would be much appreciated!
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One rental scam on craigslist in San Francisco: "Send me the money and I'll send you a key." You then receive a key, but when you arrive, it doesn't open the door at the address they gave you. And someone is already living there with a valid lease, or the building doesn't even exist.
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Any ideas how to avoid the scam that wryly describes? I suppose the most obvious way is to have a friend go check the place out first, which I'm pretty sure I can do....
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If there's any way to come a few days early, you might couchsurf for a few days while you look for a place. If not, yes, have a friend go look for a place. I found my first SF apartment via Craigslist, and none of the places I looked at were scams. You might also look at VRBO (something like this) - while it will be slightly more expensive, it will be much more reliable, and may even come with amenities like a cleaning service. You may also be able to negotiate on those, since June is not exactly high tourism season here.
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Thanks, Judith! I didn't know about VBRO.
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Check your MeMail. There's an outside chance I may be able to help.
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Thanks T.5!
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