What's the underground arts scene like in Cleveland?
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What can you tell me about the underground/alternative visual and performing arts scene in Cleveland, OH?

Posting for a friend who currently works in theatre (production, casting directing) in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

They are thinking of working in the same field in Cleveland, and would really like to get a sense of what the underground or non-mainstream arts community is like in Cleveland.

Give us your opinions!
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I'm not really involved, but my guess is that the Cleveland scene will feel quite small next to SF. Cleveland is a much smaller, less affluent city, and its democratic leanings tend to be of the Blue Dog variety. Interesting arts stuff definitely goes on, but much less than your friend will be used to.

I'd call and have a chat about it with the folks at the Cleveland Public Theater. They'll give you the scoop.
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Seconding CPT as a resource -- there is a lot of cool stuff going on here but compared to SF, it is going to feel like a much smaller pool. Bonus, though -- if you have talent, you can be the big fish! There are more opportunities for people who want to develop their own stuff. The living costs are waaaaaay cheaper.

* All Go Signs does some cool stuff around town.
* My studio building is full of like-minded people, and so's this one.
* My friend Xan is a stilt artist and performer here, she would be a good person to speak with.
* You can get an idea of what's happening around town in the Scene.

The other nice thing about Cleveland is that it's so close to a lot of other places -- 5 hrs to Chicago, 5 to Toronto, 8 to NYC, 10.5-11 to Boston -- makes traveling around to work elsewhere very easy while taking advantage of the lower cost of living.
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Oh, and -- another local art blog -- http://hellomynameisart.com
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In addition to the above, I recommend contacting SPACES Gallery and convergence-continuum.

Good luck!
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