Is TextBroker a scam?
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Is TextBroker a scam?

It's seeming to me like they are, but I'd like to hear from others.

I just got a whole bunch of pieces rated four stars in a row, and then when I asked to be bumped to professional status, all of a sudden one of my pieces was rated a three.

I actually like writing a lot, which is why I'm doing this, so I'm cool if the overall feeling is that they're fair, but if other people are having this experience I'm not doing this any longer.

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The sheer lack of explanatory info on the Writers FAQ raises my alarm bells. They're not even presented as questions and answers. Correct me if I'm wrong (because it's not made clear in the FAQ) but it seems they:

1. get you to sign up,

2. then reveal the various details including the fact that it's only a free service for authors UNTIL they bump up to pro-status.

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No, I don't believe this a scam in the sense that you think.
I've used TB for a while now. I've sent my W9 in. I have not requested a pay out yet but all things seem pretty legit to me.

They confirmed getting my W9, they've rated me 4 star from the beginning and I was under the assumption that getting to level 5 is awfully difficult.

I don't think they are trying to screw you, I just think you got rated a 3. Sorry, but it happens, and it's happened to me one or two times. Especially on articles I thought were much better.
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I've written a few things for them and got paid when requested. No weirdness about ratings, but never ran into the pro-status thing that philip-random mentions. (My rating is 4 stars and I've never tried to get to 5 - there are so few requests above 3 stars anyway it doesn't seem worth the effort). So, not scammy in my experience.
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Full disclosure: I've been writing for Textbroker for over a year now and contribute to their blog.

Textbroker is not a scam. I've been paid for every single one of the thousands of articles that I've written for them.

I suggest emailing Textbroker and asking for a detailed explanation for your "demotion." Keep their comments in mind when writing articles in the future, and you'll be back up to a four in no time.

Also, level 5 is attainable; I've been there for over a year as well.
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I have done articles for texbroker, I'm actually currently rated "5". I don't do many articles because they're barely worth my time and they seem like a lot of SEO clickthrough garbage, but's legit.
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I also occasionally work for textbroker, when I need to make extra money for stuff. I don't think it's a scam, at least not in any sense that I can think of. I do find, though, that writing for it gets really old, really fast, since you're essentially writing things that will help make Google more and more useless. Still, I've been paid for all my of articles, and have never had any problems getting money transferred to my account, and any questions I've had have always been answered by the TB staff quickly.

(However, I got rated a 4 from the beginning, and have never had an article rated lower than that, so YMMV. Since there usually seem to be little to no articles in the 5 category, I don't really care about being bumped up.)
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Also I'd like to add that TextBroker is a great way to make a little extra cash but in reality they don't offer nearly enough pay for some of the clients request. $5 is just not enough for spending 2+ hours researching and typing a 400 word essay. BUT if ya have the time and want to make some money on the side it's available.
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Nthing that it is not a scam. I've done a few articles for them, and have received two payouts.
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