Where have all the internet-multiplayer MAME builds gone?
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There used to be a MAME build called Kaillera that allowed online play. According to it's official homepage, it hasn't been updated in 7 years. It seems looney that no one has pursued this kind of idea, but I'll be darned if I can find it. Where have all the internet-multiplayer MAME builds gone?
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You need to take this question to the experts.
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Kaillera wasn't as much a build as the name of a server/client system compiled into MAME. If you're on Windows, MameUIFX comes with this feature built in along with this mame32 build.
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Oh, man, I totally didn't see that the second one hasn't been updated in five years. Just go with MameUIFX.
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There is a new thing out called ClientServerMAME. Just found it and am liking the look of it.
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