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Going to Infocomm in Vegas in the middle of June where should I stay?

I need to be with in easy access of the convention center. 2 Years ago I stayed at Circus Circus because it was cheap. While it was adequate the walk to the convention center was a too long and I ate up a lot of my savings in cab fare. I'm mostly interested in price and ease of access to the convention center. I'm thinking something along or close to the monorail would be nice. It looks like Harrah's or Bally's is the cheapest. What are your thoughts?
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The monorail serves the convention center (via the Hilton), but it'll run you something like $15 per day, so factor that into the costs of staying somewhere within walking distance. The monorail's website has an interactive map (sorry, it's a popup, so I can't link to it directly) that lists all hotels with direct monorail access. Take a look at that, and use a site like Kayak to see which has the cheapest rooms during your stay.

If I were going to stay somewhere truly within walking distance to the convention center, I'd limit it to the Hilton, the Residence Inn, the LV Marriot, the Best Western, the Embassy Suites, and the Reissance -- all right next to the convention center. The Stardust and Wynn could also do in a pinch, but they might be a bit further than you'd want to walk.

If you want to go really cheap, try the Motel 6 on Tropicana. You'll pay around $70 per night max, and it's a short walk across the street to the MGM where you can catch the monorail north to the convention center.
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Oops, that should read the Renaissance, not the Reissance.
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Bill's Gamblin' Hall - formerly the Barbary Coast. Close to Harrah's and Bally's, right on the Strip, small enough that you won't get lost trying to find an exit and between 8-12 June it's running at $45 a night.

Plus, they have the best free cabaret in Vegas.
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Addendum - I've stayed at Bill's Gamblin' Hall (as have other MeFites) and it's clean and comfortable, with decent-sized rooms for the price.
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There's a boarded up white house with a mailbox out front you could try, but you'll want to leave the lights on.
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Yeah, the monorail, in my opinion, seems of limited usefulness. You have to walk miles from the Strip through the appropriate hotel and casino to get to the stop. It would have been faster to walk in many cases.
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You should check rates all throughout the strip because if you save enough money on a room, paying for transport won't hurt that much. If your convention is mid-week you can probably get some dirt cheap rates and decent hotels.

The monrail can be awkward, but I think it's your best bet. A three day monorail pass is $30.
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Most shows run a shuttle of some kind that stops at a number of hotels. Yup, the details of the Infocomm shuttles are here. Our usual go-to for shows in Vegas is the Sahara, because it is cheap and is pretty easy to get to the convention center. It's alsowalkable if it is not too hot.
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I had heard that the Greek Isles closed, but their sign is still lit up at night and their website is up and running. That's the cheapest place I know of within a stone's throw of the Convention Center. It's also not that bad of a place.

You could also stay at Terrible's on Paradise, which is only about 2 blocks from the Convention Center (easy bus or shuttle ride, if you don't feel like walking) and often has specials for like $40 per night. My mom stayed there once and liked it.
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