Video chat gone backward! (?)
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When and why (and will it ever come back? *piteous sniff*) did googletalk stop supporting video in iChat?

First off, I need to know that I'm not hallucinating the memory of using iChat (on either 10.4.11 or 10.5.1 Mac OS X) to video chat with my jabber list. This was possible at one point, correct?
Second, when did this go away? Sometime last year?
Third, why? oh dear me why? There's something kinda weirding me out about trying to use google to search for why google has made this change. I'm assuming it's on their end as I'm very slow to do software updates on mine. (ref: 10.4.11)
Finally, what can I do to restore this capability? Assuming, of course, that the answer the first question is "no, you're not hallucinating".
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I think iChat Video/Audio via Jabber may only work if there is an iChat user on the other end.
posted by Good Brain at 10:24 PM on April 27, 2010

Looks like google changed codecs late in 2008, and Apple hasn't bothered to support the new one yet.
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Good Brain is correct. Two iChat users would be able to talk to each other. There is no and never has been official interactivity between Google Talk and iChat.
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My answer is a quote from a former engineer on the Google Talk team.
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure my video chatees were also using iChat on their end.
So, the official word is that this function was never officially acknowledged and the polite thing to do is ignore its disappearance?
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I believe that I have done this (gTalk Jabber to GTalk Jabber, via iChat). One thing I struggled with: if gmail was open on either (maybe both?) person's computer, then the "video" button was disabled in iChat, presumably because a Jabber connection was already created between the two accounts.
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