What the Chuck is this song?
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What song played during the big fight at the end of last Monday's episode of Chuck? (Link inside)

The episode is viewable at http://www.nbc.com/chuck/video/chuck-versus-the-honeymooners/1222679/

the song starts at 35:09

I know it's a real song and not score as I've heard it other places (admittedly in other NBC shows, like Las Vegas a few years back)

Thanks for any help
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Best answer: I don't have speakers right now, but it is Feeling Good?
posted by niles at 6:39 PM on April 27, 2010 [1 favorite]

Response by poster: Niles...weird... the song that played WAS some stock song for the episode but I thought it was another song...and the page you sent me to linked to another page and it had the answer! Cobrastyle by Teddybears

Thank you!!
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Interestingly enough, Cobrastyle was used in the pilot for the theme song (now Short Skirt Long Jacket), but has now been used one or two other times during big scenes.

Why do I know this? I don't even watch Chuck...
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