What's the best software for uploading via a browser?
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Webdav for Beginners: Need to setup remote disk access for uploads, but it must be secure, easy to administer, and run on OSX. What's the best way to do this, ideally with a gui?

I work for a very small company that occasionally needs data from clients. I'm uncomfortable using email for this purpose and would like to setup a way for them to upload the data to a computer in our office. I want user access control (clients can only see their data, and not other clients or users data), secure transmission of files, and an easy way to administer it. Ideally, the uploading can be controlled by a browser, and adding new accounts for uploading won't take place in the command line. I can handle a complicated install, it's the long-term administration and ease of use that I'm most concerned about.

Is there software for OSX (non-server) that can do this?
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Dropbox sounds like it meets your needs.

FTP would be the old way to do this, but your need for security makes FTP a harder argument to make, which means SFTP, which means SSH, which AFAIK may be more daunting to administer considering you want GUI-centric methods.

On some googling, I found CrushFTP.
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I use bluehost.com They allow you to create FTP user accounts, but then they will generate VBS scripts that will run on the client's computer automatically logging them into their ftp directory via their web browser.
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For client access, the new version of Transmit supports WebDAV and integrates with the OS X Finder, mounting the WebDAV share as an external volume, giving you a hard drive-like interface. That's probably as easy as it gets — there's a demo link here.

As for setting up a WebDAV server, I don't know of any GUI to do this other than OS X Server's Admin Tools. WebDAV is a service provided through an HTTP server. You'd just edit the relevant directives in the Apache httpd.conf file and pick the authentication method you want.
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