Cinematography reel website creation?
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My good friend is a cinematographer and wants to update his online reel. I said I would snoop around for ideas on how best to do this?

A good friend of mine is needing to re do his cinematography website. He has been working from a template based design that is not , shall we say, all that imaginative.

He is going to be doing the work himself, so it is important that the site be simple to upload and maintain. He also is looking for a simple layout, nothing fancy to begin with.

I thought perhaps there was something along the lines of Pixelpost for movies? I use Pixelpost for my still website and I was surprised that I had to do some fishing around to find it.

Here is his current website for some idea of what he wants

John Lindley

Of course free would be best, but if there are great and not too expensive fee based templates or hosting services that might cater to this kind of thing, bring it on!

Thanks for all you thoughts and ideas.
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Why not use Wordpress or some other blog software, and embed videos from Vimeo?

Just please please please encourage him to use some form of Flash-based video. Every time I come to someone's reel still in Quicktime I die a little inside. The alleged better quality (I don't see it at all) in no way makes up for the hideous user experience that is Quicktime on the web.
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Response by poster: His current site is flashed based, I imagine he is comfortable with that for sure.

Wordpress may be an option, but I use Wordpress a fair amount and I am not sure it is the right ticket for this, though I am also sure that with the right know how it would be.


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The two major Flash players JW player and flowplayer both have skin options, affordable licenses and various plugins to do the "embed", "share on facebook", "add google analytics" and whatever he wants - and they both have plugins that can fit these players ito wordspres, drupal etc. If he wants to keep his work on his own host, these might be the ticket.
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