Looking for iPod wall mounted dock solution.
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Does anybody have any real-world experience with a wall-mount iPod dock?

I am renovating a kitchen for a friend and we are trying to do some small-scale integration of his home audio. We plan to install speakers in the ceiling and I am hoping to have a sleek iPod mounting solution.Has anyone installed/used an ipod docking solution that they are happy with?
Online info is a bit sparse - I've done the google searches and a lot of articles seem to be 4-5 years old. I have seen the Sonance unit and it is a bit pricy for our tastes.
I would like something that holds the ipod and gives me RCA outs at a remote location (in this case, the basement under the kitchen). A bonus would be an IR receiver that would allow me to send IR signals to the basement receiver.
I would like it to mount in a standard single space work box, if possible.
My current crude solution would be to just have a wall plate with a 1/8" input that we could plug into his headphone out - I'd like something that would charge the ipod as well though.
I am not opposed to custom fabrication if you can come up with a hacky solution.
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Maybe something like this could be the start of a hacky solution.

Or this?
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Does your receiver support an iPod dock? That would probably be the best solution paired with an IR range extender or RF remote.
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Be aware that many docks on the market don't support iPhones. You can use the phones with older docks, but only if you turn on Airplane Mode which makes them pretty much useless as phones.

We have a Yamaha receiver with an integrated iPod dock; doubt that the cable would be long enough to hook it up in a different room though.
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