want a velvet jacket
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I'm looking to buy a velvet jacket something like this. Is this something you would need to have custom made?
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Has anyone ever had a jacket made? Could I take a picture like that into a tailor and ask him to make it? How much would it cost?
posted by mildred-pitt at 2:05 PM on February 16, 2005

i've had a jacket made from a photo; i'd send you to the seamstress that did it, but she's on the wrong coast for you. mine was PVC and she seriously undercharged me for it at $80.

that looks like a pretty simple construction for a skilled tailor. i recommend going to the best fabric store in your neighborhood and checking the message board for local spec seamstresses. or simply put up an ad asking one of them to contact you.
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You could also look at vintage clothing stores, you might strike it lucky.
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My guess is that with a little patience and a lot of persistence, you could find something similar in a high second hand shop.
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Er, high-end.
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My God, I hope so. My eyes are burning!

Bespoke costume services may be helpful.

On top of labor of course will be the cost of fabric, which is determined by availability, quality and quantity. I saw Matrix-inspired cassock run about $500.

For that kind of money, make sure to ask them to throw in the bowtie.
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My suggestion would be to go to a tailor/seamstress/etc., bring this picture along as a reference, and get a quote. Do this with as many tailors as you can find in your area (or as long as you feel like looking) and take the best price. Also ask to see some samples of his/her work; especially custom work, if available.

A quality jacket that is custom fit to you will last *much* longer than anything you buy in a second hand shop and will fit your body type much better.
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Check tux shops, some keep old models on hand FOREVER. They have a big party here called "World's Largest Disco" and, sure enough, long after disco was dead, every tux rental place in town started advertising old styles for sale and rent.
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I would be willing to bet you could find a new one at one of the millions of goth web clothing stores. Try a few on this list and see if that seems promising. Maybe this or this looks close too (if it were in velvet)
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