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What are some good one handed games/distractions for the iPhone?

I am spending more time on the subway and am looking for some games or other distractions I can enjoy one-handed (as I hold on with the other hand). There is no cell service in the tunnel so I can't read metafilter or whatever.

So far I have a texas holdem game, which works pretty well.
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Solebon solitaire? More variations than you can shake a stick at.
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Very addictive.
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Seconding the Solebon solitaire. I am totally embarrased when I look at the stats and see how many hours I've spent playing that one.
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Doodle Jump. The subway movement would probably make it more challenging.
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Doodle jump on the subway actually isn't that bad.
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Also: Bejeweled 2
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Longform + Instapaper iPhone app
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Instapaper is amazing.

You make a Read Later bookmarklet. When you come across a web page you'd like to browse later, you hit the button and forget about it. Then when you're about to head to the subway, boot up the app and hit refresh. It'll download all the saved pages onto your iPhone to read when you're offline. They're all formatted for easy reading and one-handed operation is trivial. There's a Lite version, and the Pro one includes tilt scrolling and pagination for easier one-handed operation.
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Backgammon, chess.
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If you like puzzle games, check out PicGrid.
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Angry Birds! I've gotten about 5 people addicted to the thing. Best 59p I ever spent.
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Flood-it! and Lineup keep me pretty occupied on subway rides.
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I have become absurdly addicted to Strategery, which is basically the same thing as Risk. (The paid version is excellent, with lost of customization for your gameplay, but the free version is plenty to let you figure out if it's worth the investment for you.)

Less thinking-intensive but still strategic is Flood-it. And that same company also makes Line-up, which is a bit more brainless and fast-paced.

Also, I have gone through periods of being inseparable from Drop 7, although that's a bit older.
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Gotta give a shot out to Boomshine, one of the simplest, most addictive games I've ever played. (Link goes to flash version, but there's an app.)
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I got addicted to Sword and Poker, but after you beat it after many, many hours of utter enjoyment, you've leveled up your character so much that the dungeons pose no challenge. It's great with one hand though!
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Compression is a vaguely tetrisy game that can be played one-handed. It's imperfect, at first I didn't like it. But then something clicked and I've been playing it for a while now. Droplitz was sort of the opposite but anyway both have free versions so you can try before you shell out the big bucks.
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I was hooked on Doodle Jump for a short while... but soon I discovered Orbital and was addicted for months. Played thousands of times. It shows up on lots of list of best apps ever. One click.

Canabalt gets a lot of good reviews too - another one click game. I think it's boring.
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If you like sudoku, there's a free version called "Sudoku Unlimited" that will generate new puzzles, and works pretty well one-handed. I don't ride a subway, but I do spend a lot of time walking around the house trying to calm our 5-week-old daughter down, and I occasionally play sudoku while doing that. (Sorry I can't provide a link; I'm at work, and can't get to the app store.)
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I like Drop 7 - test-play it on chainfactor.com (flash version) to see if you like it. For me the big draws are that it loads fast, saves state, and I don't have to remember anything between runs, so it's a perfect game for filling the 3 minutes I have to wait for a meeting to start because I showed up on time, etc.
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I use the Kindle app to read books I have purchased from Amazon.
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Good ideas, thanks everyone.

Does anyone have recommendations for a chess game?
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I hear that Deep Green is beloved.
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