Legal help in Suffolk County, NY
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Free/low cost legal help in Suffolk County, NY

I hope you all don't get frustrated with me for this question. I don't have a lot of details, just what I found out during a teary phone conversation with a relative. I'm looking for some basic resources to pass along to them to make them to help them out.

In short, a relative has broken their lease in Suffolk County, NY and is being sued by their former landlord for $10,000 in damages and owed rent. I am not sure why they broke the lease, but I don't believe that infestation or unsafe living conditions were a part of it.

Can anyone recommend some pro bono or legal society type things in the area that may be of assistance?

Thanks for your help especially since I have so little to offer in terms of information!
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In Washington, the state bar association runs an attorney referral line, and can help find low/no-cost lawyers. Check the New York State Bar, you might find something.
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Local law schools might have a clinic.
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Best answer: The Nassau/Suffolk Law Services Committee is part of the Legal Services Corporation, the nation's largest provider of civil legal services for the poor. Depending on your relative's income, he or she might be able to find either a lawyer from there or at least some free legal advice. Good luck.
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