Protege Lock not working
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My 2001 Mazda Protege automatic locks don't seem to be working properly. When I press the remote, it only unlocks the driver side door. But when I press the remote to lock it, it'll lock every door. It isn't the fuse, because it is still working. So.. I'm not sure if this is some security feature i accidentally turned on, or if it is some sort of short in the automatic lock.
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This is standard behavior on many cars. What happens if you double-tap the unlock button? On my car, a double-tap unlocks the rest of the doors.
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not on my car... never worked that way before that i know of... any other ideas...
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not on my car... never worked that way before that i know of... any other ideas...

Every car I've owned used one click to open the driver side door and another to open the rest of the doors, and had one click to lock them all. Does yours function that way now?

You could potentially take it into the dealer to see if the remote needs to be replaced/reprogrammed.
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Are you sure? Every car I've owned with automatic locks has worked this way (driver door with one click, all other doors with the second click) for security purposes, though it's annoying.
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i guess then the second click isn't working...
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fwiw, my car works the same way as others have said above. The second click has to happen within 5 seconds or it won't open all the doors.
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then the question should be, is there a way to have disabled the second click, because no matter how many clicks, only my drivers door unlocks.
- Tim
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It seems like somehow your remote lost some of its function. Maybe try reprogramming the remote.

I found this procedure for the Mazda Protege:

1. Open Drivers door and leave open.

2. Lock and unlock the drivers door using the power lock switch on door panel.
(not sure if this is required)

3. Insert key into the ignition.

4. Turn key to the ON and OFF position 3 times in 10 seconds. Leave key in ignition. ( i have seen others say 24 seconds for 4 & 5 combined)

5. Open and close drivers door 3 times ending with door in the open position.
(you can depress the door switch instead)

6. Door locks should respond by locking and unlocking.

7. Press any button on remote 2 times. Doors should lock and unlock.

8. If programming a second remote press any button 2 times on it and door locks should cycle again.

9. Remove key from ignition and door locks will cycle again.

10. Test remotes
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To be fair, some cars have a configuration item to a.) require two clicks to unlock all doors or b.) unlock all doors with one click.

With that said, I kinda doubt that a 2001 Protege had that kind of option setting.
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I had a a Subaru that to unlock all doors required holding down the unlock button for a few seconds (instead of a second click). Give that a try.
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I have a 2002 protege and I'll second resetting the fob or getting a new one. When the battery in mine went the locks went crazy unlocking and locking on their own. I had a back up fob that fixed the problem.
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It's really unlikely that the behavior of the remote locking control module just "decided" to change. Make sure there's not a switch or button under the dash or in the glove compartment. Some vehicles have a security or valet switch hidden somewhere that can change the remote locking functions.

The most likely cause is that the battery in the remote is going dead. First, the range decreases and later, the functions become erratic.
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My car does that but it's due to a fractured wire in the door hinge. That may or may not be your problem.
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