Buying lamb in the PDX Metro Area.
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Where is the best place to buy rack of lamb in the Portland metropolitan area?

I've got wheels, so anywhere within 45 minutes of Portland/Wilsonville is do-able. Looking for affordable but good quality rack of lamb for a dinner party this weekend. Any suggestions, anecdotes, personal experience, or random ideas would be very much appreciated. TIA!
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If they have lamb, try Laurelhurst Market in SE across from Music Millenium. Fr-fr-fresh, yo.
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Call New Seasons? I don't have a "meat guy", but that's probably the first place i would try. They're pretty accommodating and if they don't have it they may be able to recommend you a place.
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Laurelhurts market and New Seasons are good suggestions. I would also recommend calling Nicky USA.
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If you're in Wilsonville, call Voget Meats, which is in Hubbard. I'm not sure they have lamb, but if they do, it ought to be damn good. The rest of their stuff (including bacon and ham) is excellent. My family has been buying their sausages, etc. for more than 50 years. It's good stuff...
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Great suggestions, all! I need the lamb for Saturday; I'll be sure to update with the results of my search.
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I forgot to update!

I found rack of lamb at a place in Beaverton called Beaverton Halal Meats. No website but a phone number, and boy am I glad I went! We got rack of lamb for $4.50 a pound, or fed 6 people for about $17. The lamb was whole--the butcher brought it out from behind a bloody door (not a place for the squeamish) and butchered it before our eyes, all the while asking us what part we wanted and how we wanted him to cut it. They gave us a discount because we bought one whole rack--they also have goat meat, lots of offal and chicken/capon.

Highly recommended! Hard to find, in a random location next to a Subaru dealer on Canyon Road in Beaverton, but so worth the effort. I estimate I saved roughly $40.
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