Can you name this record from Last Tango in Paris?
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Asking for a friend: In Last Tango in Paris, Marlon Brando puts on this record, which isn't listed in the credits. Anyone know the source? He sent this link:
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It appears your friend isn't the only one who's wondering. Perhaps he should keep an eye on the blog, in case the answer comes to light.
posted by Bromius at 6:46 PM on April 26, 2010 seems that there is actually a blog dedicated to answering this question. I think the best place to start would be to get a track listing for Pop Sounds Vol. 4 and start listening to those tracks. Based on the cover of the record, it sounds more like Mandrill or Booker T. and the MGs.
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I wouldn't assume the song is from that album. It would have been cheaper for the studio to hire a bad cover band to record bad music than to use a name group...
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Yeah, my guess it that it's by Gato Barbieri, who wrote the score to the film. It's probably not on the (fantastic) soundtrack album because Barbieri just wrote what was required for that scene.

That's just a guess, though.

It does sound like Barbieri's music to me.
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Oh thanks, you've reminded me- I always meant to search for what that wild music is that Dorothy Malone dances to in Written on the Wind.
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