How can I stream the same Pandora music across my network?
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I have a couple networked PCs throughout my house, and would like to synchronize the audio from a streaming service like Pandora or Last.Fm throughout.

I've use Shoutcast before for streaming MP3s, but I was wondering if I would be able to capture the audio from a streaming service and broadcast it across my network somehow? I've read a lot of solutions involving FM transmitters, but I'd like to avoid buying any new hardware.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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This sounds like a job for Airfoil.

Airfoil will broadcast any audio playing on the host PC (which requires a $25 license) to any computer running the Airfoil Speakers program (free) and synchronize playback.

One of our devs has the Airfoil license so we let him DJ and set up Speakers to sync up his audio. Way cool to walk throughout the office with the same music playing, as if we were all listening to the same radio station.
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+1 for Airfoil. Airfoil will let you choose any application to output sound from. So you can start Pandora or lastFM in your browser, run it through Airfoil and you'll hear it on every airport express or remote computer (that has airfoil speakers installed) in your house that you select.
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+1 for Airfoil. It's a great app and well worth the cash... however I think it'd be possible to start up a ShoutCAST station if you wanted to stream for free, too.
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Pulseaudio does this relatively easily, but it's not turn-key. Windows / GNU/Linux.
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