New York unemployment question for employers
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I have a question about unemployment in New York state- but on the employer side.

What happens to an employee's unemployment claim if the employer never responds to the state's request for information (i.e. the request for salary history and reason for termination)? Specifically, does the employee get unemployment benefits and are there any fines against the employer? What are the reasons it would be a bad idea for an employer to not respond to the info request?
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Pretty sure it doesn't affect the employee at all. I was involved in a dispute over who was responsible to pay my unemployment last year, but it was all an internal debate. I continued to receive the same payments throughout.

I believe the money is just paid out from the unemployment fund to which employers pay into. I don't think they wait for the money that the responsible employer is sending to hit the fund before paying out to you.
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I believe unemployment insurance costs go up for employers who lay off employees. My dad's company currently has a policy of "managing out" (ie finding reasons to fire people rather than lay them off)
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