what was the music in that appliance ad from a few years ago?
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TV commercial music filter: US television ad from a few years back (3-5 maybe) for a line of kitchen appliances (can't recall the brand - great ad, I suppose - so not sure about googling) that featured a montage of images showing food producers (farmers, fishermen, etc.) going about their work then smiling at the camera and holding the results (fresh vegetables, eggs, fish, etc.). But what was the piece of orchestra music in the sound track?

Not sure if it was an existing piece adapted for this commercial or an original composition, but pretty cool, in any case, so I'm hoping to know what it was and if it's available anywhere.
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Having worked on the client side of ad production, I can tell you that a lot of the music used in commercials is composed specifically for the spot. It is often times cheaper than licensing other work. Without a link to the spot it will be hard to identify to make sure (have you looked at Mefi's own dabitch's Adland to see if she has it in her archives?)
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Thanks for the Adland link - very cool site. Searched there with no luck, but after googling a bit further, I'm thinking the brand in question might have been Sub-Zero (still not positive, although the products in question were definitively refrigerators and ranges, if that helps).
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Pretty sure that was Sub-Zero and Wolf, and I think those ads are still airing. I think the first hit on YouTube for "sub-zero ad" is what you want. My audio's on mute right now so I can't say anything about the music.
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Thanks, stopgap! Yep, that's the one - definitely. Now, it's back to the figuring out what the soundtrack is....
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