Super Sonic Haters
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FontFilter: A font which reflects deep respect for low frequency vibrations.

I like my music so loud I can feel it. My sub-woofer cost a week's pay. And nothing gets under my skin quite like someone telling me to turn it down.

To publicly declare my defiance of the regulation of my sonic rights, I wish to inscribe the words "The Haters Are Restless" on the volume knob of my stereo receiver.

It will be easy to make a stencil with GIMP. The only question is: what font should I use?
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Go to They have a huge selection of free fonts with plenty that would be good for your use.
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Seconding dafont. Plus, you can try out the fonts with your phrase. You might want comic fonts (note: so much more than Comic Sans) or Sci-Fi (sorry, I saw the font and couldn't resist =)
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From the FontDawg collection:
Atmosphere Bold
BadaBoom BB
Damn Noisy Kids

I have the font files for all of these.. couldn't figure out how to easily get them up here.

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On DaFont: Atmosphere Bold, Falcon, Aftershock (2 search results), BadaBoom BB (which was my first link =), and Damn Noisy Kids.
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I think a block typeface might suit your needs— here's a list from Typophile.
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It has to be Magnesium Grime (in my opinion).
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Tungsten by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. It's bold, loud and timeless. Good for your knob. :)
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