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Need help finding a health insurance broker in NYC.

A friend needs to purchase individual health insurance in NYC and is looking for a reputable insurance broker. I am trying to help, but can't seem to find a good source for this info. I would love either specific recommendations for brokers (please!) or links to broker review sites.

We know about ehealthinsurance and similar sites, but the situation is somewhat complicated and he would like to speak with a human being.
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I'm not sure health insurance uses brokers the same way P&C does. Most health brokers deal with group policies, which sort of makes sense given that the vast majority of Americans with health insurance obtain it through their employer. While I am sure there are brokers that sell personal health lines--these guys do, for starters--I'm just not under the impression that the personal health insurance market makes as much use of brokers as other personal lines tend to.

Your best bet may simply be to contact a few carriers directly and do the comparisons on your own. I've purchased insurance that way myself and had no problems.
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Stewart M. Small
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