Is there anything as good as an Onkyo P-304 anymore?
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Where to find a new (or used) preamp that is like an Onkyo Integra P-304, P-306, P-308, P-309, or P-3030?

I'm looking for a stereo preamp that is simple and high quality like the old Onkyo P-30X series. These were no-frills preamps featuring great phono inputs (MM/MC selectable), tape deck recording functions, and other stereo inputs. They didn't even come with a remote control or an AM/FM tuner.

[Photo of P-304]

Short of finding one for sale on Ebay, does anyone know of any new models (from any company) or older models (brands besides Onkyo) that match the feature set of the P-30X series while not going overboard? I just need something with a quality phono stage and 2 or 3 other inputs. It also must have the feature where when the bass and treble controls are set at "0" it is basically a pass-through. I don't want any type of EQ or screwing around with the audio. Bonus points if it looks nice like the P-30X.

And please, nothing that is ridiculously "vintage". I only have $250 to spend.
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Audiogon is the best source of used equipment. Here is an amp that looks to fit your budget.

and another. NAD makes high quality gear.

If it were me I would stretch my budget for this old beauty., or this mcintosh.
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