Looking for video clips of religious comedians making fun of atheists / agnostics.
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Looking for video clips of religious comedians making fun of atheists / agnostics.

One can find many non-religious comedians making fun of religion / religious people. There's gotta be the opposite right?
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It's not directly on point, but Denis Leary has a riff in "No Cure for Cancer" about how the entire audience is going to hell along with him for laughing at a particularly sacriligious joke he had just made (basically comparing Jesus' early death with Elvis getting worse as he aged):
I'm going to hell for that bit. And you're all coming with me! And don't try to get out of it, "We didn't laugh at that bit, Jesus, please!"

"Shut up! Get on the bus with Leary and Scorsese. You're going right to fucking hell!"

And you know what hell is folks. It's Andy Gibb, singing 'Shadow Dancing' for eons and eons. And you have to wear orange plaid bell bottoms and sit next to the Bay City Rollers.

"How you guys doing? ... this is gonna suck!"
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The always un-funny Dane Cook has a bit about saying "god bless you" to an atheist after he sneezes. It might be the most cringe inducing "comedy" I've ever heard, but it fits the bill. It's on the most recent (I think) special that aired on comedy central.
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Don't know any, but Tim Vine is a British Christian comedian, if that helps. His humour tends to be more about the one-liner quips though.
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The only one I can think of is a stand-up bit by Rowan Atkinson where he plays the Devil and is sorting out Hell's new arrivals into groups.

'Atheists over here please. You all must be feeling like a bunch of nitwits!'

Have a look here. Atkinson makes fun of Christians (amongst other groups) a bit later on on the piece, so i guess it isn't the religious comedian vs atheist thing you might be after.
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Mmm, yeah. Most of the comedians that I've heard who have some sort of religious point of view usually poke fun of themselves and their kind.
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Garrison Keillor makes a lot of Unitarian jokes on A Prairie Home Companion... I can't remember any specific ones though so here's this bit from Lake Wobegon Days:

L.W. Lutheran once bought (by mistake) twenty copies of (rehearsed for almost a week) a Christmas pageant entitled "The New Christmas", in which, on page four, they found:

And the spirit of truth came upon them, and it gave them a great brightness, and naturally they were worried. And the spirit of truth said, "Don't worry. I've come with good news that should make you really happy, for there is born today a child who shall be a symbol of new beginnings and possibilities. And suddenly there was with the spirit of truth a multitude of truths, praising goodness and saying, "It's wonderful. Peace on earth and real understanding among people."

The purchase price was nonrefundable.
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[I have removed some comments. A Religion/Atheism fight does not belong here!]
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Does this count?
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