What else can you do with smoked oysters?
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Please suggest some recipes using smoked oysters. I have several tins of them and while they're delicious on crackers, you can only eat so many at a time.

I've googled around but mostly I've just found various dips and canapes. I'm looking for something more like a main dish or side.
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They're good on pizza. also in sandwiches with grape jelly. MMm, now I gotta raid the galley ...
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Do you like anchovies? Smoked oysters, anchovies, sun dried tomatoes, hot peppers, olive oil. Toss with pasta. You can also add them to creamy seafood chowders.

If you can only eat so many at a time, send me some. :p I can eat an entire can. No crackers needed.
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What about something along the lines of steak, kidney and smoked oyster pudding? Fresh oysters are also used in many traditional versions of the Lancashire Hotpot, and you might try something along those lines with the smoked. As a guide I'd look for recipes that combine meat and salted anchovies, and consider if they can take the extra smoke and sweetness of the oyster.
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Best answer: This is probably a non-standard recipe, I know that I pretty much just threw this stuff together on a whim, (I know similar concepts have been around for a long time) but it turned out absolutely delicious to me:

Make a creamy white-sauce pasta as normal (Classico from the grocery in the glass jar works nicely here) using a softer noddle such as an egg noodle. As the very last cooking step, add the canned oysters sans that oil, stir over the heat, and remove from the stove. The flavor of the oysters will permeate the sauce almost immediately, and you'll have a wonderful smoky oyster pasta. The first time I tried this, I got very positive feedback. Anyone who likes pasta and smoked oysters should love this.
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Oyster and hot sausage stew with cilantro was a recent winning dish on Top Chef Masters.
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Turkey Stuffing.
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I can't help you directly, but recommend www.recipezaar.com for good recipes.
I like they are rated by users so it is easy to find ones that will most likely be good.
Good luck
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Hangtown Fry
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Cream Cheese & Smoked Oyster Roll. My version dispenses with the sour cream and Worcestershire sauce, but both versions are fantastic.
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