How can I read my Twitter feed from top to bottom in chronological order?
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How can I read my Twitter feed from top to bottom in chronological order?

Sometimes a few days go by before I can catch up on my Twitter feed. I'd like to find an app or website that will save my place in my feed and then start loading in chronological order from top to bottom as I read (we're talking about about at least several hundred to possibly thousands of tweets).

I've tried TweetDeck, Twitterrific, and Seesmic and can't seem to configure them to do this (perhaps I'm missing something here).

I'm on OSX.5, Windows XP, and Android 2.0 (Milestone/Droid) so a cross platform solution would be prefered (though in a pinch any OS will do).
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Twidroid for Android saves your place in your feed when you reopen it.
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turning the rss into a html may be one way to go.

I have the tweets of my close friends texted to me. It has been the easiest chronological listing. The apps have disappointed me as well.
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Digsby's Twitter implementation functions this way. Or, at least, it did the last time I used Digsby for Twitter.
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I just click "more" on the bottom of the Twitter website until I see a tweet I remember. It is cumbersome, but it works.
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Tweetie will save your place, but you will be scrolling up, not down. As in, new tweets are at the top, old at the bottom. Your position is saved whenever new tweets are loaded, in between system restarts, quitting tweetie, etc.

Mac only, and freeware is un-annoyingly ad supported. There are a few cons (no native Re-Tweeting), but over all a thumbs up from me.
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The official twitter app does this too... there's a break between the most recent and your last read... and you click the break, and it fills it in...
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