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Facebook question.

Is it possible for a person to see or track who visits their page or views their pictures and see how often it happens?
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Thank you.
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Facebook stores this information and could always make it available in the future.
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To underline an important point that null terminated has made: while Facebook never makes this kind of thing publicly available, they do keep it all themselves, carefully databased, and they use it to upgrade functionality. For example: they highlight certain people if they notice you've looked at them or their photos a lot, and they'll deliver advertising based on things you mention frequently. Moreover, internally they categorize the people you're most interested in and store information about which pages you visit most often. See this illuminating interview with an anonymous Facebook employee which was linked here recently for a some interesting information.
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(The point being: as null terminated says, they may make this information available in the future, either to people in general or to the government. Or, knowing the realities of security nowadays, it might become available to someone who hacks into Facebook's computers. There's no way of knowing. But as it stands, the average non-Facebook-employee person can't tell how often another person has viewed their page.)
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Jacqueline: If you're extra paranoid, like I am, you could create an extra Facebook account for stalking purposes under the name of a random foley artist you saw in the staff roll of a movie. Marko Costanzo, Rick Ash, Brian Vancho, et cetera.
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Some people think that this feature was once available, possibly because of an error. For a while in 2008 if you went to the search field and pressed the down arrow, a list of 5 people would appear. One theory (among many) was that those were the 5 people who searched for you most often.

Lesson being, mistakes can happen, and since Facebook has this information and uses it internally, it's not inconceivable that it could accidentally show up somehow.
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But if someone looks at your profile while not your friend, will they be suggested to you as a possible Facebook friend?
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@Zadcat - Yes, I have verified this. I created an account with zero friends. I logged into my primary and searched for the other dummy account. After logging back into my dummy account, suggested friends included the primary account from where I searched for the dummy acct.
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yoyoceramic: was it not possible that they matched you up not because you searched for the dummy account, but that (i) you and your dummy had the same IP address (and thus probably knew each other) or that (ii), unless you erased them, your cookies probably indicated you were logging in from the same computer (and thus probably knew each other)? These would be simpler and less creep-tastic ways for them to accomplish the same thing.
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