Please help me solve my syncing problems?
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How can I add new songs to my iPhone that I downloaded on my iTunes without waiting forever for the phone to backup?

My home computer is ancient. Just ancient. But right now it works for me.

What it doesn't do effectively is sync to my iPhone. I have tried repeatedly to sync them in order to back up my apps and add new songs from my iTunes. But the syncing process always overwhelms my little old laptop and shuts down the computer mid sync.

I recognize there are myriad problems here that need to be fixed, but all I want is to put the new songs I bought with my birthday iTunes giftcard on my iPhone.

Can anyone help me?
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iTunes is evil, and it's sync functionality is a product of hell itself.

Use MediaMonkey. It lets you copy your music onto your iDevice on a folder-by-folder basis, like you can WITH EVERY OTHER GODDAMN PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYER EVER MADE.

(except for the Zune, which doesn't count, because it's the Zune)
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Why not just manually manage the music on your iPhone? Then you can drag stuff to it in iTunes rather than managing music via sync. That's what I do. Pretty painless.

Connect your iPhone and enable "Manually manage music and videos" in the Summary tab.
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The easiest thing to do would be to disable the backup. You can still right click on the phone and choose "Back up now" to manually do so.
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Second CharlesV42's answer.
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You can click on the "x" to the right of the of where it says "backing up iPhone" and that will stop the backup but continue sync-ing the apps. music etc....
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Strike that second ' of '.
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