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One of the two halogen lightbulbs in my Wolf range hood needs to be replaced, but we cannot budge it. The bulb is very hard to grasp because it is almost flush with the sides and we can't get it ro turn. The other comes out no problem, so it's not like there is a special trick to removing them. Ideas, suggestions, etc. greatly appreciated.
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I can't quite visualize how the bulb is situated, but I'd put on a leather work glove and twist the sucker with abandon (you should put down a cloth or newspaper to catch the pieces of the bulb breaks.

Alternately, I'd try working something flexible and strong, like a flexy coffee stirrer from a cafe, around the bulb, twist the ends of the stirrer so it's tight, and then use that to rotate the bulb.
posted by zippy at 8:16 PM on April 25, 2010

If you do have to break it to get it out, use a potato for removal.

The sharp edges will go into the potato and you can use it as a little turning handle.
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WD40 is great for loosening stuck objects.
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WD40 is great for loosening stuck objects.

Though perhaps not-so-great over cooking surfaces.
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Get one of those jar-opening grippy things and use that. This is sort of what I'm talking about.
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Thanks zippy -- I tried a rubber bandy thing and it worked!
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