Can you recommend any speech recognition software for OSX with Danish support?
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Can you recommend any speech recognition software for OSX with Danish support?

A friend is going to Denmark on exchange and cannot yet speak Danish. A few of her classes will be in English but most will probably be in Danish. While she's studying to get her Danish up to speed, she wants to use a dictaphone to record lectures, plug it into her macbook, and use speech recognition software to get a Danish transcription of the lecture which she can use to look up words or Google translate.

The only speech recognition software I have any experience with is Dragon Naturally Speaking, but it doesn't support Danish. I think the same goes for MacSpeech Dictate. Danish speech recognition software exists but I can't seem to find any that are available as a consumer software package.
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Nothing out there. Background noise in a lecture and the lack of training of DNS would make it next to worthless even in English. Check my previous posts about this.
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Also, if OP's friend is going to be an exchange student, I would suggest they get acquainted with local students and ask them for support with translating, or at least obtaining a high level understanding of the lecture notes. This is an important part of social life in exchange programs.
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Thanks for the responses. She's excited about going and making new Danish friends, I just suggested this as a way to get the most out of lectures herself where she can!

chinabound, I think you must be right -- I remember having a hard time training Dragon in English in a quiet room, so it would be tall order to get software to recognize esoteric Danish words from across a lecture hall with a medium quality dictaphone.
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