Children's Books Illustrated by Photos of Dolls Acting Out Story
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Need to know the author of some pretty well known children's books...(+)

The books are illustrated with photographs of dolls acting out the stories--sometimes dolls with teddybears. The pictures are pretty creepy, but I loved these books as a child. I know the books are worth a lot of money nowdays, but I need to know the author and/or titles!
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Dare Wright

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Creepy but interesting - both the author and her Lonely Doll series.
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Also see this NPR story that was broadcast in conjunction with the publication of the biography.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone--that's exactly what I was looking for!
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The official Dare Wright site. I'm almost done with the biography and it's a gripping story of a fragile person crushed under the weight of a horrible mother and childhood, who eventually finds a kind of tragic solace in treating a little doll as the most important person in her life. Creepy doesn't begin to describe it; if you like biographies, I highly recommend The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll.

One thing I find striking is the way many folks who discuss the books, including that NPR story, completely avoid the books' barely repressed sexuality. That Wright was working out her lack of maturity and other emotional issues in the books is undeniable; it's hilarious that so few folks seem able to acknowledge that.
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