Trip suggestions from Vancouver please.
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No thanks, Las Vegas. Looking for suggestions for a 3 day trip from Vancouver.

We are based in Vancouver, BC. My wife and I are planning to go on a trip for 3 days (Friday-Sunday) early in June. We are going with my parents and siblings. My parents are youthful in their 50s, the rest of us are in our 20s.

Can anybody suggest a good destination for a short trip? We had planned on going to Las Vegas, but we've all been there and would like to see if there are other good alternatives.

Interests vary but we are all pretty laid back and easygoing. Not really a very outdoors-oriented family, so camping/hiking type trips aren't really being considered. I guess the ideal destination would have good restaurants, shopping and interesting attractions.

As an example, my wife and I spent a few days in Seattle last year and really enjoyed it. We had some good meals, toured a chocolate factory and visited some museums. Something along those lines, or a completely different suggestion - all are welcome.

Thanks a lot!
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San Francisco/Napa/Sonoma. No contest.
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How about Portland?
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Albuquerque or Santa Fe NM.

Los Angeles

San Diego


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My first thought was San Francisco. My wife and I spent 4 days out there last month and had a great time.
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San Francisco. If I was taking your trip that's where I'd go.
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As a Las Vegan I take offense to this question.

In all seriousness though, San Francisco is a really nice place.
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San Diego! You can get cheap flights out of Bellingham.
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I live in San Diego but a lot of the beauty here is outdoorsy type stuff. San Francisco is almost certainly the way you want to go, especially since Seattle or Portland may be too "close" for your taste.
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I find Portland to be a great short-trip destination on the west coast. I would like to have a second home there. If you liked Seattle, Portland will feel similar at first. However there are many wonderful things in which Portland exceeds Seattle. Portland, on the whole, is a lot less commercial and a lot smaller. People are friendly, the weather is incredibly nice in June, and it's very scenic. The core-downtown city area is full of great places to eat, great parks, the world's smallest Chinatown, an awesome Art Museum, more art galleries than you probably care to visit, good public transportation and reasonably priced hotels. There are lots of things to go see a very short drive from the downtown area, and plenty of entertainment for adults in the late evening. Also, the Willamette Valley is full of some great wineries, if you're into that sort of thing.

San Francisco, on the other hand, is a big, international city with more of that big feel; it's sort of like Vancouver, but SF is very distinctive. It's the most distinctive Big City I've been to in the US, with its own feel in everything from the layout of the streets, to the architecture, to the attitude.
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How about something a bit more local, perhaps Banff and Jasper?

If it's early enough in June, Banff isn't yet overrun by summer hordes. Plenty of restaurants, a performing arts centre, and guided scenic drives.

And there are some outdoor activities that are quite picturesque yet aren't too strenuous: a ride up the Columbia Icefield area and the Athabasca Glacier; or Jasper House, the archaeological remains of a 1829 fur trade post. See Sunwapta Falls, the disappearing Medicine Lake, the horseback trail around Lake Louise, touring old mines, the hot springs (and hot springs pool and spa); there's quite a lot in that small area. And bed-and-breakfasts can be had for a reasonable price.
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SF alone could easily occupy. If you enjoyed taking things slow and enjoyed food and wine tastings, you'd could also spend a long weekend in Napa/Sonoma as well.
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Monterrey is nice. But yeah SF is probably more of what you're looking for.
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If you're looking for local (ish), hit the Okanagan. Wine tours, boating, jetskiing, and restaurants. Kelowna has some really good restaurants lakeside, and there are great companies that will do wine tours to several nearby wineries.

Or if you'd consider another local(ish) suggestion, Tofino is Awesome. Go whale watching, bear watching, some great restaurants in the area, and it's stupidly gorgeous.

Beyond suggesting SF, or Portland, perhaps Palm Springs, Santa Monica, or Santa Barabara.? I'm sure Chicage's going to be too long of a flight for the 3 days, but it's a great vacation place!
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Response by poster: Really appreciate the replies.

The trip has been planned, we're going to SF.

Thanks, all!
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