How can I see London's Rolling Bridge curl up outside of the scheduled times?
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Is there any way I can request a special rolling of London's Rolling Bridge while I'm in town? It normally curls up every Friday at noon, but I won't be in town for it. What are the chances that I can catch or request an unscheduled curl? (And if you've got any better ideas for what I can do in Paris and London immediately before and during the first week of May, I'd love to hear 'em inside, too...)
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You absolutely cannot go to Paris without going to the Louvre. (but I assume you knew that ;)
The London Eye (that giant ferris wheel on the Thames) is fun, and gives a good view of the city...the London Dungeon is also a great, spooky, and historical good time. The natural history museum in london has the biggest collection of ichthyosaur fossils in the world (including one that was caught in the process of giving birth), if that's your kind of thing...british museum? tate modern?
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oh (duh), if you like bridges, check out the millennium bridge (right by the tate modern and the globe theatre)
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Do not miss the Hunterian museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London! Similar to the Mutter in Philadelphia and totally creepy/awesome. Right across the park from the Hunterian is John Soane's Museum which is essentially an eclectic private collection turned public and is also awesome. Wish I'd known about the rolling bridge when I was in London last summer!
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If you like bridges and models of bridges (and pendulums and metric clocks and all sorts of wonderful stuff like it) do not miss the Musee des arts et metiers in Paris.
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If you enjoy factory tours and will be in London on May 4, consider helping me achieve my watercolor-factory-tour goals!
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