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Barista classes in Seattle?

Looking for a basic barista class in Seattle. Nothing incredibly in-depth or detailed. Simply interested in learning more about the craft in order to make better espresso at home/better appreciate the art of making espresso.
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You could give Seattle Coffee Gear a call (206-774-3164‎) and see what they suggest - I've never been to their store, but they have a ton of tutorial videos on youtube that I came across a while ago.
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The Seattle Barista Academy offers this class for $195:

Home Barista Course: Espresso Preparation 1/2 day: Afternoon

You've taken the first step and purchased a home espresso machine. You've talked with the baristas at your local coffee shop, done research online, and found an espresso blend you really like. Now you have your friends over for dinner, and you're about to wow them with some wonderful espresso shots. But instead of great espresso, the shots you are pulling don't taste nearly as good as the ones you remember having at the coffee shop. What to do? In this 3 hour course, you will learn the basics of espresso and espresso extraction. Topics include: how to extract espresso and diagnose taste problems, how to steam milk properly with tips and recipes for competition quality espresso beverages, and machine maintenance. The course offers a hands-on experience using several popular home machines and grinders.

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