Vista doesn't recognize iPhone as a drive - won't sync
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Windows Vista no longer recognizes my iPhone 3Gs as a drive and I can't sync with iTunes. When I connect the phone it appears in the iTunes sidebar but no longer appears as a drive in Windows. My phone says it's syncing (set to manual, not automatic) but nothing syncs. So far I've tried: changing the USB cable and ports, reinstalling iTunes, hard booting computer and phone, and installing new iPhone driver. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Are you using 64-bit Vista? There is a problem with the newest iTunes; it won't sync with 64-bit systems for some reason. I had to uninstall everything, everything, even Bonjour, Quicktime, the drivers, etc, and find an older version of 9.0.3 to get it to sync again. Don't restore your phone! It will erase everything with no way to restore from backup until you have the older version running. Good luck!
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Try a older version, from here
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