Help me find that book [Redux]
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Where can I find a full of books put out by Playboy Mass Market Paperbacks with synopsis?

The Short question: Where can I find a full list of Playboy Mass Market Paperbacks also known as Playboy Press with synopsis? They went out of business long ago.

The unnecessary back story:

Last week I asked this question.
"....The beginning of the book: A young boy is seen by a female therapist or psychiatrist. He is acting out and uses foul language. He possibly acts older than he is, making sexual remarks to her. I recall that the language was graphic. He is possibly evil?

I started reading the book approximately 1982 and it seem old/outdated to me thus the guess about publication date. The book wasn't very thick, maybe 100-150 pages tops, paperback; had a pinkish/brown color..."

I got some great suggestions including Equus, The Manticore, and Murphy's Boy, all of which I have acquired and read. Alas, none of them were it.

Then I had a breakthrough. Someone on another board suggested it might be Little Boy Lost. (total schlock) – it’s not the book, but when it arrived in the mail I saw that the spine said “Playboy Paperbacks” and I had the sudden, distinct memory of deciding to keep the book hidden in my backpack because I was afraid someone would take the book away from me. I mean.. Playboy.. ooooooh. Hey, I was in the 7th grade, ok? Ok.

I’ve tried searching by publisher on biblofind, bookfinder and Amazon, but it’s a far from complete list and most sellers don’t give a synopsis or picture of the book cover.

I’m a mission, dangit. I’m sure I’m missing something completely obvious – well, at least I hope I am.
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Found the book I was looking for..
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